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Screenshot from Batman

The Dash Button is being sunset by the end of this month. However, Dash Replenishment still seems to live on.

The Dash Button was an interesting concept and I remember thinking that Bezos challenged some product manager by making him announce it around April Fools Day.

It is still possible to develop hardware to do what Dash did. However, Amazon is no longer footing the bill for this.

Dash never turned out to be the ultimate microphone array I thought it could be. I envisioned mics everywhere (the Dash had a mic in it for setting up WiFi). I thought about the sonar system in Batman: Darknight Rises. It didn’t happen.

Pushing a button for something to happen in a few days also didn’t seem to people hooked as much as immediate delivery or feedback. Maybe some other hardware can come out to take its place for drone or missile delivery.

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