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Of the applications that are still to be developed out is one that allows for creatives to build by voice in a non distractive way. Perhaps we need to move beyond voice and look at audio-first devices?

What if I could take an Echo-like device with me to the park and it could prompt me for different ideas as a brain storm? What if I could take something like this into a rehearsal room and it could play back a piece for me to listen, or playback a recording of myself?

What if these devices could be used for poetry slams? Or maybe for singing a song and comparing voice?

There a tons of untapped applications. Some of the features that would be required are:

  • That the device is tether-free (has a data plan and a battery)
  • It can record and send audio that can be processed by the application or Skill (not just the text or intent)
  • It can listen continuously without being triggered through a wake up word
  • It can work with outdoor noise

It’s still weird to talk to a device in public but it might be OK to have a conversation with a device in a secluded setting outdoors.

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