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FABRIQ and CoWatch are examples of Alexa Push-To-Talk integrations that are either just shipping or are about to be released. They fall into two categories — wearables and speakers.

In terms of speakers, the real value of Alexa comes when far field and handsfree trigger are enabled. This is note the case for many of the push to talk speakers that are coming up. Here, the value extracted is the speed to get music as well tapping into Amazon’s music integrations.

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SUGR is another push to talk speaker

However, push to talk makes much more sense in CoWatch and other wearables like the Pebble Core. Here’s they device is always within arms reach and can be controlled and a physical button helps bypass menus that would be needed in an app.

CoWatch — a $300 Alexa-enabled watch.

The first half of November is going to see many more similar devices come to market as companies ramp up to try to get consumer sales in place in time for Black Friday and the holidays. This week will be a big one for voice device as well, with the release Google Home.

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