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Created by … not sure, actually? Definitely used Midjourney, though.

Today, I uploaded my daughter’s artwork to Midjourney as an experiment. Like her, I loved drawing as a kid. My imagination would conjure up cinematic paintings with tiny details. Epic scenes of pyramids and space ships would fill my mind.

In reality, I’d get a 2D line drawing but I’d enjoy staring at it and imaging all of the moving components. Drawing was my escape and there were full stories that would occur unlike what I could experience watching TV or playing video games.

Seeing this joy form in my kids is itself a joy. Technology will soon have the power to enhance this. The potential is a tool that will draw (pardon the pun) people into expressing themselves more creatively. Kind of like and improv comic asking the audience to seed the seen, this technology will slowly coax us into seeding a story and generating whole content around it.

Generated by author using his daughter’s artwork and Midjourney

When tools like Midjourney and Dall-E2 can create whole animations from a single prompt, which is probably only two years away, we’re going to see a shift in entertainment to a much more engaging experience rather than one of just consumption.



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