CogVideo Killed the YouTuber

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Leor Grebler
1 min readAug 11, 2022
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I wrote recently about how generative AI is going to start making video. Truthfully, I was speculating on where the technology could go. I didn’t think that we’re actually starting to see it happen today.

Well, CogVideo has started to make it happen. They’ve published a repo on GitHub and people can start building show clips through different prompts. It’s limited, but it’s a start.

When MTV launch on August 1, 1981, the first song that it played was “Video Killed The Radio Star”. A bit on the nose, no? Maybe video did kill the radio star. TV took away the audience and was much more engaging.

YouTubers and other content creators are about to face the same thing over the coming years. Soon, video will generate itself and will be endlessly customizable. It will adapt to the viewer much faster than anything that could be produced by an individual.

What will become of content creators? They may create bases from which AI can customize the plot and shots to create something different for every viewer. The creator will be more of the idea seeder than anything else.



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