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I wrote recently about bad demos. I’ve done many of them. However, even with good demos, there’s a lot of adrenaline rushing through my veins and after the demo is done, I usually have to clear out as fast as possible.When visiting a place to run a demo, I might be give a few minutes to setup but almost never is there time allotted to tear down and packing up.

Worse, sometimes meetings are scheduled within close periods of time to each other, requiring shoving wires and components into a suitcase and running to meet an Uber. When presenting to VCs, they usually had another pitch after ours and didn’t want to hover over as we slowly wound power cables and tucked in items neatly into place.

I wonder if this type of problem might be resolved in the next decade with new types of cabling or power management. For example, after a few years of practice, my demos got neater by using portable power banks, speakers connected to 3.5 mm jacks, and smaller versions of the RaspberryPi.

What would be next on my wishlist?

  • Wireless power within 30 cm of a power supply
  • Cables that self coil properly after a few hours
  • A device that can detangle cables and roll them properly

I also dreamed of a perfectly foam shell case that could fit alongside my laptop in my laptop bag… and was light. Oh, and also was a wireless power supply. Once can dream.

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