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Medium responded to me pretty quickly… maybe less than 12 hours after I discovered that my account was suspended. But what was weird was that the suspension only showed up if tried to access my Medium page through incognito mode when I wasn’t lot logged in. When I was longed in, everything seemed honky-dory.

I can see why my posts could be picked up as spam. There’s the self-deprecating reasons like my writing isn’t relevant, convincing, or helpful. Maybe I over use the same tags? Maybe my titles are click-bait-y? Maybe my posts aren’t that distinguishable from random words clumped together.

Then there are the more practical reasons:

  • Daily posts
  • Typos
  • Access to the website through a VPN that provides an IP that could be used by spammers
  • Maybe some other pattern of use matches spam behaviour? (Copy/pasting text from a document and immediately posting, multiple refreshes of a browser, etc)

While employing “AI” to identify suspicious behaviour could be an interesting project, there are probably smarter filters that could be created to flag non-spam posts. Examples?

  • Total time spent actively writing (most of the time, I write my posts directly in Medium in a browser window)
  • If the person logs in from the same device over and over
  • If the person moves their cursor and scrolls or otherwise acts like a human when they engage with the site

Of course, no filter is going to perfect but if a writer is flagged and suspended, best to let them know!

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