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Coming on the heals of the Echo Show, Amazon made another announcement about Alexa Calling. Phone calling seemed like a logical next step for the Echo. It already has a good microphone array and can act as a speaker.

The question around voice calling from the Echo has been around since its release 2.5 years ago. Many other Bluetooth speakers of similar size on the market had built in microphones for calling so the inability to use the Echo for calling from a BT connected phone seemed strange.

The Chime launch definitely gave Amazon the infrastructure to support voice calling. A few questions remain around calling features:

  • Will it (if not, when will it) support calls happening on the phone?
  • Are the calling codecs optimized for the Echo? What will sound quality be like?
  • What will be the cost of voice calls through Alexa to other numbers when supported?
  • Will this be supported on AVS-enabled devices?

Based on the services that Amazon is offering, its infrastructure, and now its experience in hardware, perhaps there will soon be another play for Amazon to enter the mobile space?

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