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How many startups or established companies are there on setting up calendars and meetings? Hundreds? Thousands? There are solutions for scheduling meetings, reminding about meetings, preparing for meetings, recording meetings, transcribing meetings, reaching out and connecting people for meeting. Tools for phone meetings, in person meetings, conference calls, video meetings, international meetings. We might live and die by our calendar.

What I love is that almost all these tools advertise themselves as life changers. It reminds me of how my life was black and white and difficult before I had a calendar tool and now it’s messianic and euphoric in colour with this new tool.

Just like before you had

However, no matter how good the tool is, a successful meeting comes down to a few very human elements:

If all of the above are not in the high category, meetings become flakey and ineffective and no amount of tools will make up for this.

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