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FINALLY Nest announced two days ago the release of Google Assistant integration into its Nest Cam (Cam IQ). This could have come out two years ago to jump ahead of the Echo. Actually, integration of Google Assistant into all Nest devices, if not in the current plans, would have been a great way to hedge against the onslaught of Alexa-enabled devices.

The Nest Protect would have been the perfect vehicle to bring GA into the home, same with the thermostat. Instead, Ecobee did that. Even Honeywell’s Lyric could do voice years ago. Google seemed to drop the ball after paying a fortune for Nest and Dropcam.

Will the new Nest Cam also have features like the Echo Look (a very weird device)? Can it take selfies? Can it give you fashion advice?

I’ve talked about the camera being an easy endpoint for Google Assistant. It’s about time that Google finally made this step.

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