Bluetooth Speakerphone on the Echo

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What’s interesting is that Amazon never enabled the Echo to act as a Bluetooth speakerphone. This could have been low hanging fruit but Amazon went with much more grandiose plans — running its own telephony service through device.

I’m wondering if there’s a bigger play here. Could the Alexa app eventually be used to transfer calls between Echos and a phone? This could be similar to FaceTime transfer. The benefit of having a call on the Echo is that you can be handsfree. However, it then tethers you to being in close range of the Echo. The functional range as a speakerphone is not the same as the distance for voice interaction. It’s maybe 1–2 meters.

I’m going that Amazon might offer up Alexa Calling as a home line replacement. The Alexa Connect already allows for home phone lines to be accessible through the Echo. What if it can go the other way around?

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