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Oops… left on my mobile hotspot again. I sometimes forget about this and my laptop stays connected to mobile data while I’m at home. I usually don’t find out until I’m on YouTube and wondering why the quality is poor.

Back to the phone… I’m walking into a grocery store and want to turn of the mobile hotspot. I press the Bixby button and say “turn off mobile hotspot”. The phone responds with a Bixby endpoint tone and I look to see that the speech to text was accurate. Haza! Then Bixby did something strange.

“Please speak your voice password to unlock your device.” Umm… Bixby? Here? In public?

Truthfully, I had not recollection what I had set my password to. But it didn’t matter. The ease of use of using of voice was no longer the case. The use case died.

It seems no matter how many times I set the “keep my phone unlocked when it’s on me” or “keep my phone unlocked when paired with my watch” something happens to keep the phone locked. And speak a voice password in public? It’s not going to happen.

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