Bixby 2.0 — A new competitor

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Last week, Samsung came out with announcement around the new Bixby — an embeddable AI that will allow for third parties to access the voice assistant. Despite the announcement, it’s unclear what exactly can be done with the new Bixby. Can you stream music? Can you control your home? Can you access calendars and alarms?

The market is ripe for another competitor to Alexa and Google Assistant. Perhaps Bixby has a play overseas where Amazon and Google don’t have as much of a foothold? Can Bixby work on lower power devices where there’s still work to be done with Alexa/Google?

I’m excited for this but the lack of easily accessible information makes me a bit uneasy — like this was a forced announcement, especially for a 2.0 only six months after a 1.0. However, I’m hopefully that Samsung will push Bixby to the point of usefulness where it will be a viable tool.

With the Invoke speaker powered by Cortona becoming available, the pressure is on for more variety of AI devices to hit the shelves.

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