Bad Disappearing Interfaces

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There are a few pet peeves that seem to get me riled up when I come across and really represent 0th-world problems.

Skype on Mobile… there’s no system notification on Android to let you know a call is going on. You actually have to find the app icon and re-enter the app to end a call (or smash your phone against a wall) — no mute setting in the notifications tray either.

Android locks during non-phone voice conference calling. Zoom Meeting or GoToMeeting call using data? You need to unlock your device to interact with the app.

Spotify streaming. Controls for this app should be in notifications when the device was used to initiate a stream to another speaker. It seems silly that you’d need to find the app just to pause music.

I haven’t tried using Bixby or Google Assistant to access these but it these issues seem counter intuitive from a design perspective.

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