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Movie poster for Back To The Future.

If you’ve seen Mad Men, you can recall a scene where Donald Draper talks about the idea of nostalgia. It can be used to elicit power emotions that can be associated with a brand. Facebook, Google, Apple, and others who touch our photos are all in a race to win our hearts by reflecting back versions of ourselves.

I’m wondering if this is what the Singularity starts to look like. It won’t be some sentient being taking over and turning of the power grid. No. It will be AR Emojis / Animojis, 3D animations, FaceTime Gaze Correction, and little nudges that tug at our hearts.

One powerful way it can do this is my digging up old photos we’ve taken a serve them up as a montage with emotion. I’m imaging some machine learning around the impact a particular photo can make and that photo then being presented to us when we might need it to perk us up.

Reminders of things we’ve done on the same date last year, photos, emails we’ve sent to loved ones — these make up information we’ve provided services. Can they use this info to influence us?

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