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One of the coolest features of the new Ubi Portal Voice Prototyping Tool Skill’s SSML support is the ability to play audio files through the Echo or other Alexa devices. Together with an account on the Ubi Portal, this can be used as to create a very quick prototype of a message service or to create a mock up game show.

To use the tool to do this you need a few things:

  1. An Amazon account and an Alexa-enabled device
  2. An Ubi Portal Account (
  3. A place to upload audio files that can provide a direct URL to the file
  4. Audacity or another audio tool to properly format the file

For #3, the easiest way is to set up web hosting on a domain and get an SSL certificate.

The audio file needs to meet Amazon’s requirements (here) and Audacity can be using to do this.

Using the Ubi Portal Skill, you can setup a quick lesson for audio:


<audio src=”" />


Tadah! That’s what’s needed to get custom audio through your Alexa.

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