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For awhile, the “at home” moniker was used for a lot of products. It’s time for it to make a comeback.

COVID-19 has forced the exercise of what can you do when you can’t go out. Services that seemed quant, like the milkman, are now in vogue. I was awed when a colleague in the UK told me that at least he didn’t have to worry about milk because it was still being delivered. My reaction was … “whaat??”

My thoughts about retail, before the pandemic, was that it was heading in two directions. One was cheap, plentiful, and available and impersonal, the other was super-specialized. There will be a hipster version of every commodity product.

Milk? From factory cows? Grass fed cows? Grass fed yaks? How about milk with customized lactose and casein levels?

Many things will be delivered, within hours, and become an experience.

For the milk example, what if you could see in real time what was happening with your milk, or the have a conversation with the cow, or haptically…

It’s not enough to purport lifestyle with a brand. The next step is to bring an experience into the home with how a product is manufactured and delivered. The next generation of services are going to be much more exciting and involved and create more intense loyalty than other companies before them. That’s exciting.

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