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Apple posted another HomePod commercial…

Maybe I’m missing something here or I’m just not a big enough fan of DJ Khaled, but this went completely over my head. Unlike other Apple commercials, Apple’s HomePod commercials have very little to do with the device. The last major commercial, directed by Spike Jonze, was great in terms of choreography and effects but had nothing to do with the HomePod.

Maybe the strategy that Apple is taking is to double down on Apple Music and just have the HomePod as an Apple Music accessory. That way, it could avoid a direct comparison to Google Home or Amazon Echo. In fact, maybe include Apple Music with HomePod purchase or create a unique HomePod only experience like live concerts through the device.

Apple has a fanbase that it can exploit. Devotees who will only buy Apple, only use Siri, or have everything synced to iTunes/iCal/FaceTime/iCloud etc. Apple can say that one’s not getting the full Apple experience without the HomePod.

In DJ Khaled’s case, based on home Apple spends, he’s probably the won win-win-winning with the HomePod.

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