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The choices one is faced with upon arrival in Las Vegas.

CES is a big show and it’s hard to reflect back after several days of non stop meetings, especially with people and companies who are very driven and want to significantly improve how we interact with technology. However, it’s now that the real hard work comes up — translating those great discussions into follow up and project tasks.

One thing we saw this CES is the huge uptake of voice. There was a great LinkedIn post here about the number of Alexa Voice Service-enabled products that were on display at CES. Voice enabled robots were all over the place. Major brands have adopted voice.

The real challenge now will be in these companies delivering on their CES announcements and ensuring that the voice interaction that they provide is on par with the Echo experience. Early devices — even the Ubi — did not have the performance that the Echo now has and consumers have much higher expectations.

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