Amazon’s Carpet Bomb of Announcements

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Amazon had no less than 13 announcements around new services and tools for AI and Machine Learning at Re:Invent yesterday. Yes, there were DJs, swag, and pub crawls. There were multiple contests with thousands of dollars worth of prizes. There was a well attended expo with abstractions of abstractions of businesses.

What was interesting is that Amazon has the patience to pace out its announcements over the show. Each day, there are another few dozen just from the morning keynotes.

I’m wondering if the idea is shock and awe against tech competitors. Apple and Google also had announcements this week but tech journalists have their work cut out unpacking the volume of information coming from Amazon to be able to give competitors a shot.

It seems like this might be the approach Amazon takes for the near future. They did the same thing with the Amazon hardware event in September. Maybe the next news bomb is the AWS SF Summit?

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