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I’m really curious about the new rumours that surround a home robot by Amazon. It seems totally plausible given the types of projects that Amazon has worked on in the past. Let’s review:

  • AWS
  • The Echo (and the whole line up)
  • The Amazon Dash Prime
  • The Dash Button
  • The Fire Phone (with face following)
  • Prime (when it was launched)
  • Prime Rush
  • Prime Drone
  • Silk Browser

As well, Amazon acquired an entire robotics company, Kiva Systems, back in 2012, to help automate its warehouses (or maybe prevent others from doing this). It definitely has the know-how in house to develop something interesting.

So what could an Amazon home robot do?

  • Answer the door
  • Open packages
  • Break down and dispose of packaging
  • Tidy up
  • Monitor the home
  • Vacuum
  • Telepresent for Alexa Calling
  • Provide feedback on decor / room layout
  • Stock items
  • Take inventory

If the device were voice commanded (of course it’d be), Alexa would power it. What could be some of the benefits to Amazon? … Definitely capturing more home purchases by reducing the friction to the Amazon buying experience.

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