Amazon Music Unlimited — how about Amazon Everything Unlimited?

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Having just listened to interviews with Steven Kotler, I’m thinking more about new markets like those mentioned in his co-written books Bold and Abundance (there are others). Amazon Music Unlimited is one of those proofs that he could use in new book. It’s a streaming service with unlimited music at a monthly fee (similar to Apple, Google, Spotify, Pandora, and other music providers).

Amazon already had a service called Prime Music but the several million songs just wasn’t enough! We wanted more. That’s true — it gets annoying when you only hear a sample of the song you requested. Spotify and TuneIn are already available on the Echo so it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll try to compete on pricing or pull out from support of Alexa devices.

But what if we take this a step further. What if Amazon had everything unlimited? Maybe in the next 20 years with drone or driverless electrical vehicle delivery, 3D printing, or other technologies, the price of hard goods will drop so much that you could order anything on Amazon and it’d be included in a monthly Prime membership? Food grown in containers, robotic chefs, and laser cutting machines, etc. could prepare nearly anything for us like the replicator on Star Trek — and we could get this just by asking for it from anywhere.

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This not implausible and at least a version of this future should start poking out in the next five years.

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