Amazon Music on Android with Alexa and Session Passing

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Playing with the Alexa App, it seems like Alexa Music is supported (while Spotify is not). Admittedly, I haven’t tested this but I’m hoping that Amazon will expand the capabilities of the app to make it a more ubiquitous experience. The logical next step for Alexa is to become more present on devices.

We’ve done some of the work already with the Ubi App. One of the killer features is that it the app provides a quick launch widget so you could launch it from the home screen. A killer feature that could be adopted by Amazon’s app would be to add voice activation. Most of the time, people listen to music on their phones through a headset so acoustic echo cancellation isn’t necessary. Batteries are also large enough to handle a wake word engine running in the background.

Ultimately, Amazon should be looking at the phone as the transfer device between Alexa in the home and Alexa at work. Music and session information should be easily passed so that people are compelled to always engage with Alexa.

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