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Looking through the ads on Amazon’s YouTube channel, an activity I do around the Super Bowl or after a big announcement, I noticed something strange. There was a Hebrew Amazon ad. Specifically, it was an ad about buying Purim costumes on and free shipping for orders over $49. You can check it out here:

It follows the tune of The Alphabet Song in Hebrew (שיר האותיות). Naomi Shemer did a version but there have been many and it’s a popular children’s song:

Here’s Naomi Shemer’s version from the 1970s:

My favourite version of the song is by the band The Brothers and Sisters (think of an Israeli version of The Mamas and The Papas):

Sending one of my daughters to Hebrew camp over the summer, I was exposed to this song as we listened to Spotify on the drive to and from camp. This particular song stuck in my head so it made me even more obsessive when Amazon used it as the basis of its Israeli commercial.

Having spent several weeks over the past year in Israel, one thing that I missed was the ease of Amazon Prime. Sure, there is home delivery from certain supermarkets, but I took for granted next day delivery of little things I might need around the home. Sunscreen, insect repellant, an extra hat, a new water bottle… that’s no big deal on Amazon but IRL, it’s a list, a car ride, two car seats, piggy backing one of the kids, driving somewhere, parking, dealing with store hour. I’ve ordered many outfits for Purim off of Amazon. I’m happy that this convenience is at least partially available in Israel.

Maybe soon it’ll be most of the world. In 10 years, will e-retailers be able to make next day shipping available almost everywhere?

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