Amazon Chime — More Voice Options?

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Chime came out yesterday — a service that is intended to rival Skype, Google Hangouts, and other messaging and video conferencing services for business. It’s differentiator is that it will call out to people who are supposed to be on a call — a simple but smart way of reducing lost productivity in waiting for meetings to start.

This seems like an interesting move for Amazon — closer to business apps (it already has email hosting and virtual machines, storage, and other offerings). However, Chime could fit in an interesting way into other AWS / Amazon services.

With Lex, Amazon has the potential of allowing developers to add bots to a session. Heck, there could even be an Alexa agent that could tie into voice meetings.

While the service has end to end security, it’s possible that Amazon could add voice transcription for meetings — or maybe even diaritization. This could allow for Amazon to gain data to solve the cocktail party problem for voice interaction and gain lots of voice samples.

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