All That’s Fit to Print

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The humble printer has turned into a life saver. I didn’t think it’d be the case but being crammed in, hiding from COVID, has meant finding activities that can keep two young children occupied for at least one tomato timer session.

Coloring pages take the cake. Then there’s color by number, followed by coloring squares. The latter with the older girl can take a good 15–20 minutes to complete depending on the resolution of the squares and whether there’s any mathematic operations involved.

For the younger girl, the demands have escalated to coloring pages that can’t be easily found. “I want a baby bunny and a baby elephant together”. Thanks to some quick PowerPoint tricks… tadah. Now she wants some character from a rare TV show. No problem. combined with ability to screenshot… tada!

While one might think that screens could replace everything, the humble dried tree pulp has saved the day. It provides a tactile and visual experience that still can’t be mimicked by more advanced technology.

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