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In the weekly update email from Amazon, they nudged that on Tuesday, it’ll be 4 years since the Amazon Echo was announced. I don’t have fond memories of that day and remember it was 15–16 hours of work before I was back home with a plan. “Ubi Speaks, Amazon Echos” was my reaction… and my first Medium post.

Now, there are thousands of different voice-first products including Alexa-Enabled devices, Google Home, Apple HomePod and others (Cortana, Bixby, etc). In the span of four years, we’ve gone from 0 to 50+ million households with voice first products in the US and billions of dollars pouring into the voice on hardware industry. There are new ecosystems like Actions on Google and Alexa Skills.

If we follow the 10-year rule, in six years, this technology will finally be fully baked and everywhere. The way we engage today will seem a bit clumsy in comparison .

So how will Alexa celebrate its birthday? Easter eggs and product discounts, likely. What we can takeaway from this is that some UX related technologies can and will explode and be adopted by the market in a very fast wave.

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