Alexa, Where Do I Put You?

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It’s amazing to check out and see 32 different type of Amazon-built Echo devices. Dots, Spots, Looks, Echos, Shows, Inputs, Links, Amps, Autos… there’s a ton of variety and at a price point from the Dottiest $19.99 to the Linkiest Amp at $299.

Add to this hundreds of other Alexa Built-In devices and it’s now fairly affordable to have whole-home voice coverage with Alexa. The barriers now are not as much can I afford an Echo but more where do I put it.

Am I crazy about putting an Echo in the bathrooms? Not really? Bed room? Not my thing. Living room and kitchen… covered. Maybe I put one in the laundry room?

The barrier is now proximity to power, time in that room, and privacy. The next Alexa device should be long distance wireless power.

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