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Every Friday afternoon, I can an email from the Alexa team talking about what’s new with Alexa. Discovery of new Skills on Alexa is not easy and unless you’re in an explorative mindset, you’re not likely to find something.

What I’m looking for when I read these is something different. Location based reminders are one thing that is new this week, for example. FreeTime and announcements are something new.

It might be helpful for discovery if Amazon were to showcase some Skills on screen based Alexa devices like the Echo Show or for a reminder after a particular action has been done. I wouldn’t even be offended if there was an Alexa email after I had tripped some event where I could benefit from knowing about a feature.

Amazon could also get more information out on Alexa by added it to the Amazon Chrome extension. In short, there is lots of room for opportunities to showcase Alexa features to users.

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