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A recent story from Bloomberg speculated about an Amazon acquisition of Slack.There were some good points about how it’d be a good strategic move for Amazon to get into the messaging space.

A few interesting things come out of thinking about how these two platforms could work together:

  1. Alexa needs text input. Google Assistant allows for this. Why can’t Alexa also have a text interface?
  2. Chime on Slack? Slack call is local resource hog. Maybe bringing Chime into the mix could enhance quality and also allow for video?
  3. Dash Button API. It’s fairly straightforward to use the Dash Button API for interfacing with a Slack Bot.
  4. Mics for calls. Why can’t an Echo be an output for call initiated through Slack?
  5. Beacons and such. The Echo can be used for presence detection for different devices. Or at for audio based communication.
  6. Slack Skills. This would make sense for sending communication between different Slack contacts.

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