Alexa, Secure the Perimeter

Screenshot from Amazon’s Echo ad.

I’m not as alarmed with the new Ring camera that’s built into a drone. It is a bold move and Amazon has a tendency to push the envelope of what people would consider normal. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the ring drone essentially is a flying camera that can be deployed on demand. It can go around your house and see what’s going on.

Well something like the ring drone could have been made for some time, it would require the backing of a company like an Amazon to get any type of adoption. Amazon’s sheer marketing engine Has the power to make or break best sellers.

Concerns around privacy for a drone should be the same as those for a regular doorbell camera. The only difference here is that a drone has the capability of viewing much more of the surroundings. May be combined with Amazon’s facial recognition service, search services and Technologies could potentially be abused. Amazon will have its work cut out for it to demonstrate that it can be a loyal shepherd of this data.

One might also go to the extreme of where this technology could go in 5 to 10 years from now. Unless there is a purge level spike in violence in the US (not impossible), we are unlikely to see weaponized drones around the house. However, we may see ones that harass to the point of being violent. For example, flying after people taking a jog through the neighbourhood and yelling at them through a two-way speaker. Of course, that’s assuming that the next generation of the drone will be for outdoor use.

It’ll be interesting to see how consumers adopt this and what role law enforcement and government will have in interacting with drone-based footage.



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