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You can now print using Alexa. HP and other printer manufacturers have opened up support.

It’ll be interesting to see how this is used. One more lucrative aspect could be to print Kindle or colouring books to paper. With voice first (and on screen-less Alexa devices) there is no way to preview the content so anything being printed needs to be filtered in some way to ensure it’s printable. There’s also the idea of limiting the amount of pages printed so that someone doesn’t end up printing a Tolstoy novel.

There might be some interesting Skills that use AI and a descriptions.

“Alexa, print out a picture of a monkey wearing sunglasses and making a peace sign with its right hand”

Or maybe it’s a game of clue where in the middle, it sends a player off to fetch something from the printer to read out loud to the group. Or it could be a two-way authentication where someone has to read off a pass phrase sent through the printer.

This has some potential…

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