“Alexa, Play My Favourite”

I was surprised when my less-than-two year old daughter asked our Echo for the above and it respond as designed. She was delighted to listen to the songs that she had been listening to before and maybe a bit emboldened that she found an object that responds to her whims.

This new ability comes off the heels of her older sister finally being consistently understood by Alexa. I’m still in awe that the device is understanding either of them. It’s very strange to see how they’re being molded by this new technology and have access to media in ways I couldn’t image.

“Play France Gall on your phone in the car,” commands my younger one. This is all going to seem normal and common place.

When we were communicating how this type of interaction is going to be the future back in 2012 and 2013, we were met with a lot of skepticism. Now, it’s here and common place, even more so than we could have imagined.

Will the voice revolution turn out to make kids healthier than those who came 10 years before them? Maybe they’ll have fewer horns.

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