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Ugh, Alexa you’ve done it again. You’ve met my request with silence. Today, multiple times, you’ve interpreted the word again as silence. “OK, I’ll play the song again.” That’s what you’ve said but instead you didn’t play anything.

I’ve seen this behaviour occur more often for songs that are coming from Spotify. It is frustrating.

For devices that have Alexa Built-In (accessing Alexa Voice Service), they need to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they perform as well as the Echo devices. This includes playback performance of Spotify and other media.

What frustrates me is that the Echo Show experience, at least as I’ve seen repeatedly, might not pass the certification — at least on the failure of some voice music requests. It stings a little when this occurs, knowing the stringency of Amazon on third party devices.

Let’s hope that these issues become less common in the future!

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