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Starting today, developers can add the ability to have things purchased through their Skill using Amazon Pay. Amazon refers to this as In-Skill Purchasing (ISP).

The ability to earn money through a Skill may provide new incentives for companies and individuals to create a Skill. Taking an inventory of some of the inducements for developers to create a Skill, we get:

  • Pay for the most popular Skills
  • Revenue from In-Skill Purchasing
  • Marketing by Amazon of the Skill

I’m curious if some developers will create a better purchasing experience through their Skill than Amazon provides natively for purchases. An example could be printer ink repurchase where a Skill guides a user through the proper ink selection.

One possibility is that this new form of payment acceptance might lead to the creation of new SKUs on Amazon for services or products that can only be ordered through Alexa. If the users location and calendar information can also be shared, then there could be even more possibilities for purchases.

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