Alexa-Only Black Friday Sales

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Alexa has created a new market place — one with voice.

If your inbox is like mine, this morning you received dozens of emails advertising Black Friday sales. Some of these might be worthwhile (e.g. Echo Dot is $39 now and Google Home is only $99) — most will not resonate with you.

However, what was interesting is that Amazon is trying to push consumer behaviour today to make their customers more comfortable with ordering through Alexa enabled devices. This includes giveaways ($2,000) just for asking for Alexa for deals or deals (10%-20% off) that are exclusive to orders made through the Echo.

It’s possible that one of the biggest barriers to customers ordering through voice is that they don’t know how. Amazon has huge reach with their email and marketing lists so I’d love to know how much commerce is done today through voice ordering. It won’t be long before Amazon’s share price will have a direct correlation to commerce transacted this way.

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