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I don’t know why I hadn’t searched for “Alexa” on Kickstarter before. Finally, today, I gave it a try. 134 results. 36 in technology. Most are advertising the ability to be controlled via Alexa Connected Devices API or an Alexa Skill. A few use Alexa Voice Service with Alexa Built-In.

A few offer some new form factors for Alexa. One is a shower speaker. Another is a clip on badge, like Xowi (or the Pebble Core). Most are unfunded and some, clearly not doable without violating the terms and conditions of Alexa. More promising projects like Voder went silent.

There’s still lots of room for innovation with Alexa (and Google Assistant) and devices that can gain information on the real world and share them with Alexa are likely to be in demand. Devices that integrate visual processing can add a lot of context to how Alexa and Google Assistant interact with us.

In short, Alexa Gadgets!

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