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A few minutes ago, Amazon announced the release of a new tool called Alexa Blueprints. This allows households to build very quick customizable Skills without requiring any coding. These can be in the form of question and answer trivia, providing basic information, or other types of interactions. The new Skill that’s developed from these will only be available to the household that uses them. Perhaps, there will be a path for full integration of the new Skill into the Skill store?

As a fan of tools to help on board people into building voice interaction, I’m really excited to see Amazon going this direction. One of the things that was lacking was the ability to quickly customize interaction with the Echo /Alexa enabled devices without needing to do the cumbersome work of building an Alexa Skill.

Examples of a household Skill could be information for a babysitter, contact information, or providing Wi-Fi setup or other details for Airbnb guests. I’m hopeful that this tool will also be available for Alexa for Business to allow hospitality, retail, or other services to quickly build customize skills for their needs.

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