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So keeping track of the Amazon channel in advance of any new Superbowl ads being posted, a new ad for Alexa Auto featuring Audi was just posted. It’s weird — in the sense that it seems meant for a European audience rather than a North American one. The driver does not seem like the person doing the voice over. The examples also seem specific for Germany, like “Alexa, what’s the weather in Munich?”

Oh, and the sound track seems like it was lifted from Stranger Things. Don’t believe me? Listen to them side by side:

Amazon has been after the car since the early days of Alexa. They’ve announced the use of Alexa in cars for years but there it hasn’t seemed to really take root.

Maybe the Audio commercial indicates a real commitment to pushing Alexa to automotive consumers. However, Amazon does not have an entrenched advantage here as it does in the home audio space. We’ll see if they can gain enough traction to keep Android Auto and Apple Car out.

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