Alexa Announcements Everywhere

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Alexa Announcements is a feature that allows you to record and broadcast short messages to other Alexa devices. This was first only available on Amazon hardware and is now going to be available to all Alexa Built-In products.

We had experimented with this type of announcement through the Ubi. First, you could do a transcribed version of this where you’d speak in one device and the transcribed and speech synthesized announcement would be spoken through a second device. Later, we added a feature as part of our UbiSPEAK app that could record and send messages that played out on the Ubi.

I like that it plays out a sound before the announcement. That’s a nice touch. It certainly will reduce the fright that can come from the device just blurting out something.

I’m wondering if the device will provide an option for acknowledging receipt or even sending back a message. That would fulfill a long time wish of mine!

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