AI-Generated Rosh Hashanah Cards

It was 10 PM and I was informed that we needed to write our daughter a greeting card for Rosh Hashanah to give to her at school the next day. I could rant about school notifications and the amount of homework the school assigns parents, but that is for another post…

The only close by shop was a gas station and despite having pomegranates, honey, wine, and honey cake, they did not have any greeting cards, let alone ones for Rosh Hashanah. No problem! We (humanity) have Midjourney.

OK, Midjourney… “/imagine prompt: a cute pomegranate, color pencil drawing”. About a minute later I had four choices, and then I upscaled the best choice. That’s the image above. We printed it out, wrote something, put it in our daughter’s bag.

“Abba,” she asked, “why did you give me a card with a creepy pomegranate?”

“Creepy?!” I responded, “I thought it was cute!”

You can be the judge but I think it’s cute.

This got me thinking… what other images can I generate for Rosh Hashanah?

Credits first — these were all generated from Midjourney:

There were also some duds. This one is a man on a mountaintop blowing a shofar…

Now for the text. In this case, I used “old tech” GPT-2 to come up with some text based on traditional prompts. I used “Write With Transformer” for auto suggestion-type responses. Demo is here.

I particularly enjoyed the “Are we really going to…”

I like it!

This was is clear and safe.

The “thy God” part is a little too non-Jewish sounding, but that’s how many things sound when translated to English.

Also a good one.

So what’d I learn? May the year ahead be filled with new and exciting technologies that bring us more joy, happiness, and peace.



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