AI Duality — Alexa in Cortana and Vice Versa

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A few weeks ago, Microsoft provided a demo where Cortana could be accessed through the Echo. Then, Amazon came on stage and showed how Alexa could now be accessed through Cortana on Windows. Hand claps everywhere.

This was a cool demo and I think it’s indicative of what we’re going to see in the future. However, I don’t think the duality will come from an AI being access from within another AI. This reminds me of when I would telnet from one BBS to another in the 90s.

What will really happen is:

  • Information from the AI assistants will be accessible to one another but it will still be presented as the voice of the initial AI.
  • Multiple AI assistants will be accessible on a given piece of hardware.

Of course, I’m biased — UCIC is helping make the latter a reality.

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