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Remember that time we had to all stay home or limit how much we went out for a few months because of that virus? How quaint. While many shows can’t be filmed right now, the content for new ones must be flowing nicely as there are fewer non home distractions. Fewer meetings, less travel, fewer personal obligations.

So many plots:

Human Conspiracy Theories

  • A ring of leaders trying to kill off part of the human population so they can get control
  • Others trying to enslave us through the creation of a new vaccine that we all have to take
  • A germ warfare experiment gone horribly wrong

Alien/Zoological Plots

  • This is the first wave of an attack on earth
  • It’s earth’s way of trying to reduce pollution
  • This virus will mutate into a zombie apocalypse

Technology Conspiracy Theories

  • Sentient technology trying to isolate us from each other to increase its influence / enslave us
  • Isolation leading to new forms of companion robot
  • Human enslavement through required wearables

There are no shortage of ideas. The only issue is picking the ones that aren’t already being spun by some mainstream media outlets.

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