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I felt a bit ashamed… it was only a few weeks ago that I noticed that Microsoft Word has a focus mode. This mode makes app full screen and minimizes any of the menus. If you combine that together with f.lux’s inversion of screen colours, you can have a powerful focus tool.

Our work places can allow us to follow habits that might serve us but also might be detrimental to our productivity. One is our co-workers’ need to socialize and interrupt can cause us to come out of our focus zone. There’s all sorts of temptations in the office like food and coffee. Then there’s the physical setup and how we find ourselves — and the emotions we feel..

What amazes me is the quality of thinking that can come when it’s not done in front of a screen. A pen and paper, maybe with some music, at a place other then one’s desk can unlock a huge amount of potential creativity. Why not setup a tomato timer (25 minutes) and focus on generating ideas?

When we remove the sludge of office work (in particular, caring about how we appear to be working in front of others around us), we can do a lot more and with higher quality.

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