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Two leaks show new devices coming from Amazon and Google. The first was via CNBC and says 8 (eight!) new Alexa-enabled devices are coming from Amazon, potentially including a microwave. The second leak is about a Google branded version of a Google Assistant display.

What’s interesting is that Amazon and Google take the opposite approach. Amazon develops hardware to inspire others to take on its APIs. Google first gives away its APIs and SDKs letting others use them, and then comes out with its own version of the product. (Nucleus being the exception)

The Amazon approach seems more natural. “We want to make something like the Echo Show” is a refrain I’ve heard from a number of OEMs. Amazon wants companies to copy it. Google’s approach seems more aggravating “OK… let me finally show you how to get it done.” The parallel is whether you put “How are you doing?” in the beginning or end of an email (hint: if you’re writing the email about anything other than how the other person is doing, end is best).

We’ll likely see these devices come out by end of the month / early October. It’ll be exciting.

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