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I tried out a new Echo Dot (third gen) today. I had seen one and used one many times but this was the first time setting one up. Some things I liked:

  • The fabric finish… makes it seem speaker-y
  • The buttons have a good springiness (as opposed to the Google Home Mini’s invisible volume control)
  • It sticks better to a surface

But, more than anything, I like that it sends out an email as soon as it’s setup to tell you what you can do with it. As silly and simple as this is, it’s very smart to have this nudge on setup to educate people on how to use the device or new ideas.

What my wish list would include..

  • Having the app automatically detect an Echo undergoing setup, instead of me needed to fish for the settings
  • Have the Alexa app work MUCH faster. Lots of room for improvement here, Amazon.
  • MicroUSB power vs the new power supply… but this minor.

I’m curious what a fourth gen Echo Dot might look like. Maybe smaller but more powerful?

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