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Jeff Bezos first Medium post was yesterday in response to blackmail threats from AMI. You can read the details here — “No thank you, Mr. Pecker”. It was a direct appeal to the public and a controlled burn approach to managing a potential PR crisis.

If I were Medium, I’d be flattered that this is where Bezos posted. Bezos, who owns a media company, could have had many outlets for his direct appeal. However, the choice to go with Medium might have been predicated on a few things, but mostly that Medium is neutral ground:

  • If Bezos wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, it could indicate editorial influence and lend AMI more ammo that WP = Bezos.
  • If Bezos went to another paper or outlet, it would grant a scoop to WP competitors and also provide ammo to AMI in its claim that its material is of public interest by showing a Bezos with poor judgement.
  • Posting on Facebook, Blogger, Instagram, or other social media sites doesn’t express the weight of the grievance and these sites are owned by competitors to Amazon (at least in some way)
  • Posting on Amazon or any corporate site gets the companies embroiled.

Why am I even interested in this?

My first post on Medium was because I was the aggrieved party… and Amazon was the aggravator. They launched a product that was competitive with our product and I was not thrilled. There was history.

We had a blog, we had a Facebook page, yet we saw Medium as a platform to openly post the message we wanted, unfiltered. It’s amazing that nearly five years later, it has remained the place for these types of posts.

I wonder if Bezos will become a regular writer.

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