A HomePod in the Appleverse

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Apple HomePod is shipping and it seems that it was the answer to the Apple fan-person’s Apple-only universe. You must be Apple everything to truly get it. Macbook, iCal, iCloud, iPhone, Safari, Mail, iMessage. If this is your universe, than HomePod is for you. Oh, and you subscribe to Apple Music.

For anyone else, this is probably not the fit — yet. Apple has a way of iterating crappy versions through its more tolerant devotees before they get to a point where those outside of the Appleverse will start to enjoy the product.

What could make that happen?

  • Super security where Apple announces that all the voice processing is done on device and there’s an airgap between microphone and the Internet
  • Siri becomes health conscious and focuses on health and environment — creating a niche where Google Home / Alexa can’t enter as easily
  • The HomePod can create listen zones based on the location of the user — making it sound louder only where that person is located or mimicking better sounds like the rainforest
  • White noise generator — HomePod uses its acoustic technology to create unique noise suppression for apartment dwellers
  • It offers Apple Music for free for a few years with purchase.

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