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Alexa for Business is a program to help companies adopt Echos into their offices. The main aspects are the abilities control user access, provision multiple devices quickly, and setup conference rooms with Alexa Calling (called Alexa Conferencing). The nice thing is about the latter is integration with multiple conferencing services such as Zoom and WebEx, as well as Chime (of course).

What will be even more interesting is when this service extends to AVS-enabled devices rather than just Amazon hardware. There are few ways this could potential create competition with other devices:

  • Imagine being able to provision third party hardware that is Alexa-enabled
  • Could conference call systems have integrated Alexa or Alexa for Business built in?
  • Could this setup lead to more ubiquity? What if you were able to voice print your employees so you can end up with them being able to access their calendars (or Skills) from any device?

Could a scenario like Commander Riker’s in the first episode of Star Trek TNG happen, where the computer could follow you around the office?

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