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In the news that 50 Million smart speakers have shipped in the US was the addition that Apple had taken a 6% share of the market. That’s actually significant. 3 Million HomePods represents about $1 Billion in sales (yes, that’s tiny in terms of Apple’s overall revenue, but not insignificant given the device’s price tag).

In the 90s, Apple’s share of the desktop market also slid and being in such a new category, Apple still has a chance to invert the market if it works to leapfrog Amazon and Google with different applications. This could involve either creating new services that can only be accessed through the HomePod or creating a more integrated experience where having Siri, AirPods, iPhone, mac, Apple TV, Watch, etc will all work together seamlessly with no settings and when other guests with these devices come into the space.

Of course, who really cares about market share? Maybe Apple should only care about what share of Apple users use the HomePod and how sticky it makes them.

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